Technology & Automation at TAMKO



Throughout TAMKO Building Products, Inc.’s history, the company has continuously invested in new technology to produce the highest quality products and maximize efficiency and profits.

Here are some examples of how TAMKO has utilized technology to improve its operations and products:

  • Shingles that were once moved by hand from the end of the production line to pallets for shipping are now moved by robotic arms.
  • When introducing its Awaplan™ product in the 1970s, TAMKO invested in advanced equipment from Germany and allocated ample time and money to researching the formula to perfect the product.
  • TAMKO invested considerably in converting its lines when fiberglass started to grow in market share.
  • TAMKO added on-line equipment to its plants to streamline the production process of its laminated shingles.
  • TAMKO invested heavily in the Phillipsburg, Kansas plant to modernize its operations.
  • TAMKO converted papermaking mills to roofing felt production and composite pallet manufacturing equipment to produce composite decking.
  • TAMKO’s sales staff were some of the first in the industry to use laptop computers in the field for estimating and reporting.

These innovations greatly contributed to TAMKO’s success. Despite integrating technology into every area of the company, TAMKO has remained committed to retaining talent as well.

“The commitment to not laying off people in general goes back decades, perhaps to the beginning of the company,” said TAMKO Executive Vice President Tim Whelan. “The method has been to get there through attrition, rather than through layoffs, and I think that’s given us a certain competitive advantage.”

He continued, “It takes a while to train people, and today, as you have fewer and fewer people on the line, training people is increasingly difficult, so if lay people off and bring them back, the good people find something else to do. They’re going to be employed by someone else with more stability.”


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